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How To Setup MetaMask On PC? Here’s How | Best Way

On your computer, run the MetaMask application. Whether you’ve used blockchain before or are completely new to it, the app will allow you to connect to the decentralized web: a new internet. This fantastic program is now available for both Windows and Mac computers.

What is the MetaMask PC app?

Some people believe that cryptocurrency is stored in crypto wallets. This makes sense because your wallet in your pocket operates in the same way. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Cryptocurrency wallets, on the other hand, just hold information about cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies can only be found in massive databases known as ledgers. These ledgers keep track of all cryptocurrency transactions that have ever taken place. A blockchain is the most common type of cryptocurrency ledger.

The MetaMask for PC application is an Ethereum wallet and browser extension that works with Chrome, Brave, Edge, and Firefox. It basically links these browsers to the Ethereum blockchain, allowing you to save keys for Ether and ERC-20 tokens across all supported browsers. It’s also linked to two exchanges, Coinbase and ShapeShift, letting you buy Ether directly from both, as well as ERC-20 tokens from the latter.

The MetaMask for Windows software is open source, which means its code is visible and accessible to anybody in the globe, and it’s shown to be a reliable member of the Ethereum community, with over one million monthly active users and just under 90,000 Twitter followers.


What does it offer?

  • Open-source: This refers to the fact that all of MetaMask’s code is available online for free. You can make your own version right in your own home! That’s a joke; don’t do it. You could, but you don’t. The community may review and update open-source software, allowing it to be continuously improved.
  • Setup in high definition: Users can use hierarchical deterministic settings to back up their accounts. They accomplish this by providing the user with a selection of words known as seed phrases. Seed phrases can be used to recover account information that has been lost.
  • Coin purchase built-in: It has direct links to two cryptocurrency exchanges where consumers can purchase cryptocurrencies. Coinbase and ShapeShift are two options for buying Ether and ERC-20 tokens, respectively.
  • Simple interface: Once it’s set up, MetaMask for PC is incredibly easy to use — a feeling shared by other wallet reviewers as well. All of its functions are simply laid out, making sending and receiving cash simply for even novices!

Which Of The Coin Does It Support?

You can send and receive Ethereum, Eth-based tokens, Binance Smart Chain tokens, and a variety of other coins with the MetaMask crypto wallet app. One of MetaMask’s biggest features is the ability to customize the chain you wish to receive from and accept lesser coins from chains that most people don’t utilize. “Why would I want to utilize an obscure chain that no one uses?” you might be thinking right now. And the solution is straightforward: cost. Smaller projects use these networks because transaction costs are so minimal, and many crypto investors look for those unusual, low-cap ventures that are occasionally hosted on these small chains.

How To Setup MetaMask On PC or MAC

On a desktop browser, here’s how to set up and install MetaMask:

  • Download and install the MetaMask browser extension.
  • To begin, click the “Get Started” button.
  • Create a password for your wallet by selecting “Create a Wallet.”
  • Your Secret Backup Phrase should be written down, stored, or memorized.
  • Check your Secret Backup Phrase to make sure it’s correct.

MetaMask Extension Is Safe For PC

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, security is paramount, and MetaMask offers secure login, key vaults, and the option to generate passwords and keys for dApps right on the device to ensure that only the user has access to the accounts. … Since late 2019, MetaMask Mobile has been in closed beta with only 135,000 users.

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