How To Get NFT For Free | 101 Step-by-Step Guide To Get NFT For Free

NFTs are quickly gaining popularity as a means of securing your cryptocurrency. If you have any spare Ethereum or Bitcoin lying around with nowhere to go, consider investing it in a one-of-a-kind piece of digital art.

These digital artworks can take many different forms: whether it’s a video clip, an image, or an audio file, all you have to do is mint it and post it to the digital marketplace.

However, there is a cost associated with producing NFTs. The majority of these are a result of engaging with the blockchain, which necessitates paying a fee for someone to invest time and computational effort in amending the transaction ledger.

This is what is generally referred to as “gas fees,” and it is how some Bitcoin users make money.

But how can you produce an NFT without having to pay the sometimes exorbitant gas fees associated with minting one? What are the advantages of receiving a complimentary NFT?

How much can you expect to pay on the market for one? What websites and games give away free NFTs?

So, if you’re interested in starting your own digital collectibles stall, keep reading.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest ways how to get NFT for free, as well as some helpful hints and recommendations, to help you get your hands on some NFTs so you can start trading and building your online portfolio.

What Is NFT?

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a one-of-a-kind digital item that you may sell for thousands of dollars. But don’t get too excited, because you’ll normally need a large audience who all think that your object is valuable.

An NFT may be a video of your favorite football team scoring a game-winning goal, a GIF of a dancing cartoon cat, or an audio file of a historical person giving an important statement.

You can put any of them on your minting site and sell them as an NFT on the marketplace for a charge.

The rarity of these items is the fundamental reason for their high demand. The object’s originality, like paintings and sculptures in the actual world, contributes to its value.

Multiple editions of the same object, on the other hand, are possible. The Kings Of Leon, for example, created a set of limited edition NFTs of their newest album, which they then sold to die-hard fans for a large sum of money.

NFTs also possess qualities that many physical artworks lack. The royalties function is the major reason you’ll want to sell an NFT. You’ll be able to keep a percentage of every following sale of your artwork as a result of this.

This means that if your artwork is valuable enough to be sold repeatedly, you could receive a lifetime’s salary.

If you’re a well-known artist who expects your work to sell for more than its original price, a royalty clause in your smart contract will undoubtedly be an incentive to include.

NFTs Explained | NFTs in a Nutshell

How Does NFTs Work?

Before they can become fully approved NFTs, most data and images must go through a minting process.

This is when they are confirmed by other blockchain members in exchange for a little price in exchange for their time, labor, and computer power. Because of this decentralized power model, your NFTs are rarely held by a third party.

Your files will frequently be held on the InterPlanetary File System during the minting process, which is a proxy server that holds an imprint of your NFT until it interacts with the buyer. In a simultaneous trade with the money, it is transferred to the owner at this point.

However, you will almost always have to pay a gas cost in order for this transaction to be recorded in the blockchain, which is a digital ledger.

These third parties will demand payment for the use of computer resources and electricity. Gas fees are what they’re called.

Unfortunately, the cost of uploading your NFT to the marketplace – which is frequently needed by the website to which your Bitcoin wallet is linked – as well as the cost of gas can leave you out of money, even after you have sold your NFT.

This is one of the reasons why people are looking for free NFTs. Obtaining an NFT without incurring these additional expenditures can make a significant impact.

This is especially crucial if you only have a little amount of money, to begin with, but want to start trading your NFTs with others in order to increase your profits.

The Best Way On How To Get NFT For Free

Various people have been experimenting with ways to obtain NFTs without incurring the associated gas expenditures. People that make NFTs on websites like OpenSea have developed an NFT-maker that is immune to gas price fluctuations.

There are certain tools on this page that do not require any code but still require users to pay for gas in order to mint their NFTs on the blockchain.

Depending on how many individuals are trying to mint NFTs at the same moment, these costs will frequently fluctuate. For example, because there are more people on the weekend, petrol prices will be higher.

Gas rates can reach as low as $2 on a somewhat quiet day, but you should expect to pay $32 to mint your NFT on a busier day. This is a considerable price increase that might mean the difference between minting one NFT or four or five.

OpenSea, on the other hand, has introduced a collection manager function that allows you to establish your own NFTs for free and without incurring any additional gas charges. All you have to do now is authenticate your identity with OpenSea by connecting your Bitcoin wallet, and you’re good to go.

How To Get NFT For Free: Earn2Play Games

Signing up for a free NFT-based computer game is another way to get free NFTs. These are games that were created particularly to encourage people to trade NFTs. To begin, you must first create a WAX account.

A WAX account is a type of digital wallet that allows you to store and exchange NFTs. Your social network account is frequently used to establish these.

All you have to do is link your Facebook or Twitter account to your digital wallet to prove that you’re the one trading NFTs.

After that, you can start playing a game like Alien World, which constantly gives away free NFTs. The best part of Alien Worlds is that you get two free NFTs just for joining up to play the game in the first place.

After logging in, you may begin mining for NFTs by collecting specific prizes that can then be turned into NFTs. After you’ve accumulated roughly 19 TLM tokens, you can start exchanging them for NFT incentives.

If you mine these tokens on a regular basis, you could get a new NFT every 2 to 3 weeks.

You can harvest several different tokens and eventually NFTs by mining on Alien World’s numerous worlds. This is most likely one of the finest free ways to earn NFT incentives.

How To Get NFT For Free: Giveaways

Many game communities, such as Alien Worlds, may reward you for your active engagement. Consider it similar to when a store rewards you with loyalty points for returning to their store on a frequent basis.

You can earn more NFT prizes if you create memes about your game participation – usually using tokens called cryptomonKeys. Meaningful contact with the world is rewarded in games like this, as it helps promote the game to other users.

There are numerous games available that are meant to increase NFT participation and dissemination.

These games prioritize user participation and wish to stimulate the sale and distribution of their unique digital goods, as this will raise the game’s fame and hence its monetary value.

How To Get NFT For Free: Twitter Giveaways

You can also acquire NFTs from firms that often announce giveaways on Twitter. Random NFTs are given free all the time by Twitter firms like bananodev and Vulpes. This is an excellent approach to begin trading NFTs.

You may quickly migrate into the world of high-level NFTs and raise your income tenfold by becoming a full-fledged digital art dealer by trading your NFTs for steadily bigger rewards. This works in the same way as those who trade up on eBay do.

There are some incredible instances of sellers who have gone from selling a paperclip to selling a car!

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How To Get NFT For Free: Final Understanding

We hope that our guide to NFTs has given you a better idea of what these unique digital artworks are used for and where you can find them.

We have also given you a starting point for finding free NFTs that could start you on the journey of becoming a proper full-time NFT dealer.

Remember that you need to be wary of the gas prices and upload fees that come with selling NFTs, although there are websites that are cutting down on these fees to encourage consumer participation.


How To Get NFT For Free: How To Make And Sell NFTs Without Using Gas

Fortunately, the folks at Opensea have made gas-free minting a breeze. In essence, the NFTs are not transmitted to the chain until the initial transaction has been made.

This is known as ‘lazy minting,’ because it separates the metadata from the on-chain issuance of NFTs.

What are gas fees?

Gas fees are charges that are added to practically every transaction on the Ethereum blockchain and are intended to offset the costs of a wasted computer energy.

Some marketplaces will charge the creator for each transaction, such as listing an item for sale, selling an item, and so on. Others may merely demand gas expenses to get started, while others may allow you to begin with no cryptocurrency in your wallet.

Surprisingly, you’ll discover that gas prices can be quite high. In many situations, the gas costs associated with generating or purchasing an NFT are greater than the cost of the artwork itself. This is due to the Ethereum blockchain’s growing popularity and huge volume of transactions.

Step#1 Create a Wallet

You’ll need a crypto wallet to make an account on practically any NFT marketplace. The cryptocurrency you earn/spend on the marketplace will be stored in a crypto wallet. Different digital wallets are supported by different markets. Metamask is one of the most widely used wallets; it is the default wallet for Opensea and is simple to set up.

  • Go to to get started.
  • Accept the terms and download the Chrome extension. The download link can be found on their home website. (A smartphone app is also available.)
  • By clicking on the Metamask icon, you can access the Metamask extension.
  • Make a new password for yourself.
  • You will now be given a secret backup phrase of 12 words. You should jot it down somewhere (maybe a couple of places). That is your wallet’s secret word. If you lose it, you’ll also lose your wallet.
  • After you click next, you’ll be asked to reorder the words in that statement. Your account will be ready once you finish and indicate that you understand the phrase.
  • Select All Done from the drop-down menu.
  • To view your account, click View Account.
  • Your wallet address can be seen below the account name.

Step#2 Make an account on Openseas

  • Open the website
  • On the top navigation menu, select the profile symbol. Select “My Account” from the dropdown menu that appears.
  • You’ll be prompted to connect your Metamask wallet by Opensea now.
  • Sign in by clicking the Sign in button.
  • Opensea will now generate an account called Unnamed.
  • You may modify your username, add contact information, and post a profile picture by going to Account settings.

Step#3 Make a Collection

  • Click “My Profile” and then “My Collections” on the Opensea website.
  • Select “Create My Collection” from the drop-down menu.
  • Include images such as a collection icon and a banner.
  • Fill in the collection’s name and a brief description (It should be no longer than 1000 characters).
  • Choose the most appropriate category for your collection.
  • Add links to your website, discord channel, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram accounts.
  • Make a list of the royalties. Royalties are the percentage of future resales of your work that you would wish to receive. The maximum proportion is 10%.
  • Select “Polygon” from the Blockchain section (This is the gas-free option, you will not be asked to pay any fees when uploading or listing items for sale on Polygon).
  • The default payment token is Eth, but you can choose from a list of other options.
  • Click “Create” after selecting your display theme.

Step#4 Create NFTs

  • Open the collection you just made. (If it isn’t already open, go to your account icon, select “My Collection,” and select the collection you just made.)
  • On the top navigation menu, click the “Add Item” button.
  • Make a brand new item. The window will now be opened.
  • You may drag and drop any type of art file, including images, videos, audio, and 3D models. The file size should be around 40 megabytes.
  • Give your work a title and a brief description. You can also include a link to more information about the item.
  • You have the option of adding properties. This is especially true in collections with a lot of comparable objects that differ in some ways.
  • List the number of copies of the same item you want on the supply list.
  • Make that the blockchain you’ve chosen is Polygon and then click Create.

Step#5 List Your NFTs For Sale

When it comes to listing an artwork for sale for the first time, you will be obliged to pay gas fees. You used the Ethereum blockchain in this case. There will be no fees associated with completing this process on the Polygon blockchain.

  • Open the NFT that you just made.
  • On the top, click the “Sell” button.
  • A pop-up window will open, prompting you to set the price. Determine the cost of your NFT.
  • You will now be prompted to unlock currency. For the first listing, you will only need to unlock currency once. Unlock the device by pressing the unlock button.

It took a few sessions for me to correctly unlock currency. I attempted to unlock the cash for the first NFT I posted for sale several times. “There was a mistake with your transaction, please try again,” said the error notice.

I was concerned that it might be related to my wallet’s 0 eth balance, however, this was not the case.

Apparently, that was just a Polygon technical issue (which happens from time to time), because the identical operation went off without a hitch the next day without any changes on my part.

  • You’ll be prompted to sign your listing at this point.
  • You will receive a notification that your NFT has been offered for sale when you sign the listing.

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